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I posted the picture above on Instagram with a caption that read “I can’t tell you how many dishes I wash on Monday’s!” I lovingly refer to Monday’s as ‘Monday Housewife Day’ and this day is by far the busiest day in my kitchen. Most weeks I feel lucky to have a day that is dedicated to the prep of our meals, other weeks I feel like a slave to my kitchen. Today was one of those days that I just wanted to bust out of here and get lost in Lululemon (which I actually did but quickly got my butt home and back to work!). Our weeks tend to be busy and having breakfast, lunch and dinner prepped makes things a whole lot easier. Even though it’s sometimes a struggle to get through all the recipes I have for myself, I’m always thankful the rest of the week is easy in the kitchen department. I thought I would share the recipes I am using this week to make my life a little easier. Who know’s maybe one of these ideas with help make your life in the kitchen a little easier.


Here’s what I have going on in the fridge-

1. DIY Coconut Granola: Breakfast is organic plain yogurt, blueberries (farmers market) and granola topped with chia seeds and Dandy Tea to drink. *I should mention that I like to pre-portion out the blueberries into conatiners so in the morning all I have to do is add the yogurt, granola and chia seeds. This makes them portable, which is great when your sweetie is running out the door!

2. Lunch: Brown rice, steamed broccoli (farmers market) and sautéed Bok choy (farmers market) and Caramel Cooked Tofu.

3. Dinner: tonight is Toasted Millet Salad, this is a new favorite in our house. I made it last Thursday and made extra which is what we ate tonight. BUT, we will probably be having it again this week! Easy and super delish.

4. Dinner for tomorrow (I made this ahead because I have a very long work day tomorrow) and leftovers for lunch later in the week: Roasted Potato Onion and Rosemary Crustless Quiche. I thought I could just warm it up when I get home and serve it with a quick arugula salad. (We had a little slice with our Toasted Millet Salad tonight and it was very delicious.)

5. I make a batch of Gluten Free-Vegan Zucchini Muffins for my clients this week, as well as DIY Almond Butter to dip my apple slices in!

6. Snack: last but not least I made Pan-Fried Quinoa Cakes that I found in the Oprah Magazine at work (shh… don’t tell them it was me who ripped out that page!). I actually baked mine @375 degrees for 35 minutes. I had to eat one to make sure they were okay and they were fabulous and will make a great snack on the go.

Well, that just a taste of what it looked like today in my kitchen on Monday Housewife Day. Hope you all enjoy these new recipes as much as me.