Nutrition Services


*Eating for Health- This type of model is a whole foods approach to nutrition, it guides us to choose nutrient dense and diverse foods that are local, organic and seasonal.

1. Basic Consultations: Basic consultations start with a completion of a detailed questionnaire to examine current and past health and eating habits. I will also ask you to complete a 3-5 day food journal prior to meeting to examine your daily eating habits, as well as help me examine what your physical and emotional life looks like. This is a good place to start to determine what direction to go on an eating for health plan*.

2. Store Tours: The grocery store can be an intimidating place for anyone who doesn’t cook or is just getting into cooking. When trying to make a positive change to our health and what we eat the grocery store is our first line of defense. So come with me and we’ll navigate the store together. By knowing what to buy and where to find it you’ll feel more empowered to make healthy new changes with ease. I can show you the items that will help you get the best bang for your bite and you just might have fun in the process. This activity is vital to staying on an eating for health plan*.

3. Cooking Classes, Meal Planning and Recipes Ideas: My first love was, and still is cooking. Being able to create quick easy healthy meals is imperative to nourishing our eventful lives. This service will be completely tailored to your needs and the needs of your family. I personally want to eat amazing flavorful food but I also want it to be a nutrient dense extravaganza. Every time we eat is another opportunity to nourish and strengthen our bodies. So depending on the client we can set up some cooking classes, chat about meal planning or I can just suggest some resources for recipe ideas.

4. Pantry and Refrigerator Overhaul: Let’s do a little spring cleaning together. I’ll show you what to get rid of that may be interfering with your new eating for health* lifestyle, and give you ideas of new items in their place. Eat well to be well.

Cost for services provided upon request

Bio: Food has always been a passion in my life but not until after battling some health hurdles in my twenties did I really start  to understand that healthy eating and nutrition were vital to my well-being. That path lead me to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator. By following my passion for food and obtaining the knowledge behind the food I’m able to assist others on their own healthy path. My approach will help you make the food you eat be fun, creative, delicious and most importantly support a healthy overall you.

Contact Me: Brooke Cordray,

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