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Easy Summer Salsa

(measurements are adjustable and not exact, trust yourself!)

1 large pint of your favorite local cherry tomatoes (I used purple cherry tomatoes from Kenyon Organics)

1/2 large onion (Farmers Market)

1 small green pepper, you could also use a jalapeno or your favorite chile (Farmers Market)

garlic (Farmers Market)

handful of cilantro (Farmers Market)


Celtic salt


1. You will need your food processor or blender. Cut the onion in half, peel it and chop into large pieces, add to the processor. Save the other half of the onion for another recipe. Cut the pepper or chile in half, remove seeds and cut into pieces, add to the processor. Smash and peel the garlic and add it to the processor with a large pinch of gray/Celtic salt. Pulse to break down the pieces.


2. Next cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add then to the food processor, add the cilantro and squeeze in the lime juice. Pulse everything together until you get the desired consistency. I like mine chopped pretty fine but not completely liquid. Use your judgement and no need to worry about messing this recipe up. Taste it, does it need more salt? lime? you decide. If it is to spicy add a teaspoon of honey. Feel free to add any spices you may like.

3. You can spoon the salsa into your favorite class container and refrigerate or grab a bag of chips and start ENJOYING!



If you give me a choice between a cookie or chips and salsa, guess which one wins? CHIPS and SALSA of course! I love salty spicy treats.

This salsa has saved my behind more than once when I have been invited to a last-minute get together and all I have to do is walk out to the garden or use what is hanging around from the farmers market. It is ridiculously easy to throw together!

I hate to call this “End of Summer Salsa” but it’s been so hot here in Salt Lake that the tomatoes are just about done in my garden. This change of season is so bitter-sweet, we suffered through an outrageously snowy winter, a short spring and a sweltering hot summer. I will miss the long nights, backyard hangouts, rained out summer weddings, early mornings at the farmers market and swinging in my hammock. Most of all I will miss the fresh local produce overflowing on my kitchen counter. I am doing everything I can to soak up the last of those summer flavors before I move on to new ones, this salsa is pure summer in a jar. Oh I’ll make salsa in the winter with my canned tomatoes but it just isn’t the same, so hurry up and whip a batch of this “End of Summer Salsa” and don’t forget the close your eyes and play back all your summer adventures with each bite. Long live summer.