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Let me start by saying I can’t believe how fast this summer is going, and how much fun we have been having! Phew- I’m tired!

Last week I got to be apart of the Ebay Green Team at this years EVO 2012 Blog Conference (elevating woman in social media) at the Canyon’s Resort in Park City, Utah. Different companies sponsor the event and showcase their missions anyway they want, hopefully in way that will speak to the attendees and inspire them in their own lives. Ebay’s Green Team’s mission was to show case what it means to live green, from buying vintage furniture instead of new, buying organic cotton blankets and throws and decor made from recycled materials, to eating locally sourced food.

The food part is where I come in, I linked up my buddy from eBay (JD Norton) with my friend (Chantelle Bourdeaux and Lisa McCune of Juniper Co.) from Salt Lake to source the food, I was asked to represent the food! What a gig, you mean you are going to PAY me to talk to people about local organic food and why it is important? Guess how long it took me to accept this gig? 1.7 seconds!

During those three days we served food from all over Utah, cocktails made with local ingredients from Park City and Northern Utah, popcorn balls made with only TWO ingredients one from Park City and the other from Logan, local meat and cheeses from Heber Valley, Salt Lake City, and Eden, and local eggs from Provo were used in mini cheesecakes and quiches. The goal was that the attendees would feel inspired to make versions of the treats they had in our suite when they got home using local ingredients. It must have worked because my friend and fellow blogger Heidi Larsen did just that on her blog, foodiecrush, the great part is she used the original recipe and added her own twist. Mission accomplished!


High West Whiskey and Vodka Lemonade w/ Slide Ridge Honey– serves 1

1 1/2 shot glasses of High West Vodka or Whiskey

3 shot glasses SanPellegrino Orange soda (whiskey) or SanPellegrino Lemon Soda (vodka)

2 tsp. Slide Ridge Honey simple syrup (simple syrup-equal parts honey and water warmed together until combined)

ice, drinking glass, paper straws, slices of peaches (whiskey) slices of lemon and cucumber (vodka)


1. Get out your drinking glass, add ice. Pour in the whiskey or vodka (I made both, during the conference I enjoyed the whiskey at home I enjoyed the vodka, you be the judge), next the orange soda (whiskey) or lemon soda (vodka) and then the simple syrup. Use your straw to mix well, garnish accordingly. Take a sip- Enjoy!

Popcorn Balls– makes 20-22 balls (These were the hit of our progressive dessert party the first night in the Ebay Green Suite @EVO)

14 oz. bees brothers caramel

16 c. plain pop-art popped popcorn

real salt to garnish


1. Melt the caramel over a double boiler (glass bowl placed over a pan of simmering water) until the caramel is melted. When you lift the spatula out of the caramel it should drizzle back in the bowl in a steady stream.

2. Measure out 16 c. of popcorn into one large bowl or two small bowls. Pour the caramel over the popcorn. Use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to mix the two together.

3. When well mixed, use a 1/3c. measuring cup to portion out the caramel popcorn mixture. Form into a ball. Make sure not to squeeze the balls to tight! Continue with the rest of the caramel popcorn mixture until it is gone. Sprinkle with a pinch of real salt. Store the balls in an airtight container for a week or so.