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The picture above is the Hummus Platter from Omar’s Rawtopia where we ate our first meal since Sunday, last nights dinner was a flavor explosion in my mouth. Even though this week has been a challenge I believe it was a worthy experiment for the two of us to do together. We juiced for breakfast this morning and are talking about splitting something for lunch along with a green juice and then having dinner. When bringing food back into the body it is important to take it slow and eat simple clean whole foods. Thanks you to all of our friends who called and checked in with us this week, it really meant alot to us. Also I want to say how proud I am of Billy, he has never done anything like this before and what is great about this is now I think juicing will be part of his life. As his wife and a Holistic Nutrition Educator this makes me very happy. Much Love, B

-Breakfast Blend-