This awesome little Boise local joint was featured in Sunset, and since we were headed to Boise I knew we had to check them out.
 Their philosophy is “burgers on the side”, this is their vegan burger. They also have a beef burger and a bison burger.
The fries at this place get all the attention, you can pick from about 6 different kinds of potatoes- how you want them cut (traditional, curly, shoestring, etc) , they have about 10 different seasoning salts and about 8 different dipping sauces- all house made.
We tried the good ‘ol russet potato (this is Idaho you know!) w/traditional cut, and the Okinawa (which was a purple potato that was kind of sweet). Our favorite dipping sauces were the regular fry sauce and the spicy curry. We also shared a regional beer that tasted like cream soda! YUMMY!