Not our first time to Big City Coffee, and surely not our last. This is a fun local joint that has such amazing treats and coffee we’ve had them shipped to us in SLC. Their Butter finger Brownies are to die for and their coffee raises money for Breast Cancer Research w/ cute names like ‘Big Titty Coffee and Double D Decaf’.

Me enjoying my Bit-O-Honey latte made w/soy milk (cinnamon and honey- how warm and delicious does that sound?) Yum!
My sweet husband is a sucker for a good breakfast sandwich, this one has steamed eggs on it.
This plate is called ‘The Usual’- fine by me I also got some steamed eggs on the side. We had a long time in the car ahead of us so I wanted a filling breakfast. This hit the spot.

A few from the street, Big City Coffee is located in what they call the Linen District.
This is how all the bike racks in the Linen District are decorated-clever!