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So I made a fresh batch of refried beans (posted Nov. 8 2010) for burritos tonight for dinner and maybe one during the week. We are still experiencing cold weather but transitioning into spring. What’s a Cosmo hippie chef to do? On the cold nights we’ll eat the burritos, and on the warmer nights I’ll make something lighter. This is just a blue print of the burrito we made but feel free to use the beans you make any way you like. Enjoy!

-Cosmo Hippie Chef Burrito-

Refried Pinto Beans with Green Chilies (posted Nov. 8 2010)
Cooked forbidden rice (this rice is black but turns purple when cooked! High in nutrients!)
Chopped fresh baby spinach, chopped
Chopped fresh cilantro, chopped
Fresh avocado
Grated local Beehive cheese
Sprouted tortillas
Tofu sour cream (I’ll post this recipe)
*optional- enchilada sauce (homemade, from the store or your favorite Mexican restaurant)