I was so glad when I found this recipe! I wanted a fun summery drink, and this fits the bill. I ran across this recipe in Bon Appetit magazine one day at the salon, my client Cindy and I are always talking about food and like to browse this magazine while her color is processing. This recipe appealed to me because it called for Limoncello which is a Italian liquor and for some reason I happen to have a surplus of, yeah for me! This recipe is easy, refreshing and was a huge hit at the unvailing of my mom and big Mike’s new patio. Even Mike’s tough guy buddy Fred loved it and he drinks nothing but beer. Try it soon while we still have some summer left.
http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2010/06/the_ leland_ palmer

P.S. I use fresh honey from the Farmer’s Market, and the Jasmine tea I found at Whole Foods. Enjoy.