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So we’ve added something savory, and naughty to our breakfast routine… Kale and ‘Sausage’. Really for breakfast? Yes! I’m always striving to balance our meals in a healthy way, and since our yummy hot cereal is sweet this savory addition is another way for us to up our veggie count for the day plus a little added protein to balance the potential carb overload. So when I say ‘Sausage’ I’m talking about a new product I’ve come across from a company called Field Roast, there an artisan vegan meat company. All there product are made from vegetable protein, I like the Smoked Apple Sausages.
-Kale and Sausage
1 link Field Roast Smoked Apple Sausage, cut into small bite size pieces
1 bunch Kale, take leaves off the stem and cut up into smaller pieces
olive oil
salt and pepper
small wedge lemon
1. Start by heating oil over medium heat in a saute pan, when oil is hot toss in sausage and start sauting.
2. When sausage has started to brown add the chopped kale and begin to saute. Toss often until wilted but still bright in color.
3. When wilted enough for you, season with salt and pepper and and the juice of some lemon.
4. Serve immediately. Enjoy!