Happy Dad Day, I thought I would dedicate this blog to my father in law Mr. Bill. I also call him Big Bill due to the fact that I’m married to Little Bill. My father in law is a tall man with big features, big hands, big feet and a big heart. The first time I saw my husband and my father in law hug ,it was one of the sweetest exchanges between two men that I had ever seen. He’s the kind of dad that let’s us borrow his truck anytime, he’s the kind of dad that helped us pull thousands of staples out of the floor in our new house. He’s the kind of dad who talks about his children as though they are still 4 and 6 when they lived in Europe for a year. He tells this story about how the Italians just loved my husband and my sister in law because of their blonde hair and rosy cheeks, and they would say “bellisimo“! He’s the kind of of dad who got choked up during the speech he gave at our wedding reception, and most of all he’s the kind of dad who has been married to my husband’s mother for 40YEARS. He is a very sweet man and I am so glad that Little Bill had him for a dad. Thank you for your love, thank you for your knowledge and thank you for you. We had a wonderful day up at Snowbird and you looked very daper, did I mention that Mr. Bill smokes a pipe and wears an Indiana Jones like hat. AWESOME!