I LOVE FARMER’S MARKET! Did I mention that I love farmers market. It’s the best reason to get up early on a Saturday morning, I’ve always loved getting up early but now that I’m married I really like staying in bed and snuggling with my sweetie. But fresh veggies are winning the battle between snuggling and rubbing elbows with our community. We’re sure to run into our friends and neighbors and even maybe my 81 yr. old grandma, Little Polly. This is of course when she feels like dealing with all the people and her favorite, the dogs! No one messes with Polly and when my friend the Soap Lady sees her coming, gives her a free slice of her homemade soap. The smell of fresh flowers and savory barbecue are in the air and anything you can imagine your sure to find. I’m sure it’s not any different than any other market, but it’s ours. I have alot of the same vendors that I like to visit every week but I’m branching out. My husband says I look for the ‘most scraggly‘ farmers I can find this somehow ensures they really are the ones doing the farming. Our market also lets the prison come and sell the crops from their garden, kind of cool. The mornings are fresh and the air is crisp and I couldn’t imagine spending those EARLY Saturday mornings anywhere else. We bought everything from tee shirts, earrings, a bird house for my father in law, homemade pesto, artisan cheeses and lots of veggies. I hope you grab some coffee and if your like my husband you’ll run to your local farmer’s market.