Eat Local Week Mission:

Eat Local Week celebrates the regional harvest, promotes local agriculture and the preservation of Utah’s agricultural heritage, and brings people together as a community. Through a series of activities and events, Eat Local Week educates the community about resources for eating locally, and increases awareness around food production, transportation, and access to healthy food.


1. Develop a greater awareness around food production, transportation, and consumption
2. Educate our community about resources for eating locally
3. Support and popularize local food producers and purveyors

The Eat Local Challenge:

The Challenge is simple, eat as local as you can. The standard Challenge is described as eating food that comes from within a 250 mile radius for one week, but if this isn’t realistic for you try to come up with a challenge that will work for you. Choose a couple of food groups to get locally and stay true to them, eat as locally as possible for a week, be creative – but be sure it is challenging and educational for you and your family.

Take the pledge to eat local here.

Here is a list of events to help you learn more about eating local.

CosmoHippieChef Pledge:

My pledge is to continue to eat as local as possible. I also pledge to post recipes that will help all of you eat more local.

Some ideas to pledge:

*Only eat local meat and dairy

*Only eat fruits and veggies grown locally

*Pledge to have a greater understanding of where your food comes from