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Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler– makes a lot!


4 c. oat flour

8 oz.  organic ghee, chilled (if vegan use coconut oil)

2 T. baking powder

2 t. real salt

1/2 c. sucant (or sugar of choice)

2 c. organic buttermilk (if vegan use non dairy milk of course)


Filling- (can be cut in half, but don’t cut the crust ingredients in half)

10 c. organic strawberries, hulled and cut in half

5 c. rhubarb, outer skin peeled and chopped

2 lemons, juice and zest

2 T. cornstarch

1 c. local honey




1. Pre heat oven to 400 degrees. In a large baking dish (mine is 10x12x3) place the prepared fruit in the baking dish, add the juice and zest of two lemons, cornstarch and the honey. Mix well to combine.



2. In a large mixing bowl combine the oat flour, salt, baking powder, sucant and whisk to combine. Next add the cold ghee to the dry ingredients and mix well with your hands (can be done in the food processor as well, make sure not to over mix) until it resembles coarse meal. Next add the buttermilk and fold together.



3. Spoon the crust mixture over the prepared fruit in big spoonfuls. Sprinkle the top with cinnamon. Place the baking dish on a parchment lined baking sheet before placing it in the oven. Bake for 45-60 minutes, you want the top to be golden brown and the fruit bubbling.



Do you ever get a craving for something  and you just have to have it? Well lately this has been happening to me a lot, I know what you are thinking and NO I am not eating for two! But seriously my cravings have been off the charts, insert Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler. I called the two best bakers I know for help on this one, Gwen Crist the President of Slow Food Utah and my friend and fellow slow foodie Amber Billingsley head pastry chef at Vinto. Originally I was going to make pie but who can bother with crust so Gwen talked me into a cobbler and Amber recently brought a cobbler to our Slow Food Utah book club that almost brought me to tears it was so good! Of course I had to put my own spin on it making it gluten-free, using ghee in place of butter and subbing in my opinion “healthier” sugar. The result was stupendous, the crust was perfect and the honey added a natural sweetness that didn’t over power the fruit. I served it room temp with a dollop of Tahitian vanilla ice cream. This was so fun to make and even more fun to eat, I think my friends at our July 4th get together would concur. Even my picky spoiled husband who doesn’t eat cooked fruit was pleased. If you get a craving for strawberries and rhubarb like me, make this, you won’t be sorry! ENJOY.