These cupcakes are so good! They came to be because I had leftover ricotta from making homemade ravioli and I didn’t want the ricotta to go to waste. So I did what I usually do, I started looking through some of my cookbooks looking for a special recipe to use my ricotta in, nothing came up. Next thought was to search some of the blogs I like to follow and just then I remembered that I was introduced to a new blog from a book we read in Slow Food Utah book club called ‘A Homemade Life’ by Molly Wiezenberg (I recently read this book in TWO days on a little getaway to Sundance with my sweetie). She has a blog called Orangette, so I did a search through her recipes and found this little gem of a recipe. I have made them twice in the last month- their that good. I posted the link above, I hope you’ll try them. They are simple to make but big on gourmet flavor. Enjoy!