All I can say is, this morning has been one of the coolest things I have been lucky enough to be a part of. Cristiano Creminelli did such a great job on the X96 Radio from Hell Show in their ‘Ask A’ segment. He was very nervous when we first got there but as soon as we got going he got into a groove. The hosts of the Radio from Hell show (Kerry, Bill and Gina) loved him and Bill called him ‘a very charming guest’. Their producer (Richie) was even getting text from ladies wanting to know if Cristiano was married because they were mesmerized by his accent! Cristiano did a fantastic job, and it was neat to learn more about were the passion for his craft comes from. Good job Cristiano, thank you X96 (Kerry, Bill, Gina and Richie), and thanks to Chantelle for being my sidekick in the studio this morning.

 Mr. Cristiano Creminelli
 Treats for the X96 crew, Creminelli salami of course!
The Radio from Hell Crew- Gina, Bill, Kerry and Cristiano