This is actually the first Slow Food potluck that I have been to, it was a beautiful night for a get together. Here’s a couple things I love about Slow Food get togethers:
1. There is always wine
2. There are always vegetables (think about how many parties you go to that lack something green)
3. The food is always delicious, seasonal and local

Here’s a few photo’s, Enjoy!

 Outdoor fun, these little potlucks are a way to meet others members and hear about upcoming events.
 Lots of new faces.
 Chantelle and I (Chantelle is a core member of Slow Food)
 Racheal and Dave from Edible Wasatch
 Gwen and Larry Crist, my neighbors when I was a kid. Gwen is a core member of Slow Food, and Larry and  Billy are happy to have each other to  hang with at these events.
 Me and my sweetie
 You would think I could have got a photo of the food before it was gone!
 The food is always so great, it disappears.
Lucky for all of us there was plenty of dessert.
The food:
Salad w/ fresh greens from the market w/ homemade dressing
2 Asparagus dishes
Wild Rice dish w/ cranberries
Blue Cheese Walnut bread
Chocolate Pecan bread
Nu Nooz pasta w/ cilantro pesto
Creminelli salami