It almost felt like Christmas this morning! Even though Billy and I hate getting up so early on a Saturday morning by the time we get downtown it’s totally worth it, so nice to see all our familiar faces and buddies at the market. Let me give a shout out to a few that I forgot to take a picture of, Kyle Lore of Nu Nooz Pasta (I’m actually going to another pasta making class with him on Monday, so I’ll get pics then), I also forgot to get an updated photo of our buddy from Wyomatoes but if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog page you’ll find a photo of him. Also our good friends Gwen and Larry Crist (Gwen is one of the core members of Slow Food Utah and manages our book club), were my neighbors when I lived at home and are still my mom’s neighbors. Great to see everyone, enjoy the photo’s.

 It’s a beautiful day for the market! Last year it was raining on opening day.
 Just about to enter the park.
 Billy can not resist the samples at the Beehive Cheese Co. booth. Every week whether or not we need cheese we have to stop and chat.
 This is Tamera (her husband was not there today) and I love her booth for fresh parsley and they have the best cherry tomatoes at the market. Today I got lemon balm from her, I can’t wait to use it in my tea next week.
 Kathy and Val- The Soap Lady. They are so near and dear to our hearts, like family to us. I have known Kathy for almost 15 years and Val couldn’t have been more excited to see Billy and I this morning. There is an amazing photo at the bottom of my blog page of Kathy’s booth. If you hit the market this summer you have to check out her creations, truly one of a kind.
 This is Dave of Crumb Brothers, a new friend and fellow pasta class buddy. We are not new to Crumb Brothers creations- delish. There is a photo at the bottom of my page with a close up of their pastries that Billy just can’t resist.
 This guy (I think his name is Kyle, we haven’t seen him in a while and I couldn’t bring myself to ask him his name… next week) is the reason I can make Nori Wraps (recipe not on the blog, this summer I promise). He has great fish and is a true fisherman, he also has a fish market up in Jackson Hole.
 This is Enrico from Creminelli Meats and Christiane a Slow Food Utah buddy. Creminelli will be doing a spot on X96 (a local radio station) August 18, they will be talking about the art of Sausage making. I’ll keep you posted on that.
If I don’t look happy in this photo it’s because I was sad to leave the market so soon this morning, but we had to get to a wedding. Can you believe the size of this kale I’m holding? Beautiful- I can’t wait to eat it.
A list of the goodies I picked up:
Micro greens
Fresh Garlic
Lemon Balm