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I wish I could take credit for this recipe but it actually came from a blog that I like to follow, ‘Kath Eats Real Food’. She calls this recipe her Dough Boy Smoothie, the name almost threw me off because I was worried about the texture. I made a little modification with mine so it’s a little less thick, VOILA! This is what has been for breakfast this week, probably next week too! Shh… don’t tell Master William, he is missing the Quinoa Breakfast. Enjoy!

-Smoothie in a Bowl- Makes 2 adult servings or 1 adult and 2 kids

In a blender goes:

1 c. raw oats
1 c. milk (I used coconut milk)
2 T. chia seeds
1 banana (I also added about 1/2 c. strawberries)
cinnamon (maybe 1t.)
vanilla (maybe 1t.)
pinch of salt

1. Mix together with a spoon and place blender in the fridge until morning. In the morning pull the blender out and mix slowly and tell increase power, at this point I add 1 more cup of milk (I used Goat Milk Kiefer). Mix until smooth, pour into bowls and top w/ your favorite toppings.

My toppings:

Chopped walnuts
Fresh Strawberries
Coconut Granola (recipe is on the blog)
Coconut Butter

You could use:

Any other nuts you like, pumpkin, sunflower, almonds
Any other fruit, raspberries, blueberries
Your favorite granola
Almond butter