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Who wouldn’t want to eat this beautiful food for lunch?! I have really enjoyed my lunches the last couple days, especially today. I haven’t been sleeping well due to come serious back aches that have really been challenging. So even though I was tired and not wanting to put in the effort for lunch, I’m glad I did.

Pictured above:

The Soup,  made with soba noodles

-The Salad, mixed baby greens, diced carrots, diced snap peas, diced avocado, Sunbridge micro greens (local grower), broccoli sprouts and topped with Tempeh (it is a meat sub and it’s 19.5% protein, rich in unsaturated fats and highly alkalizing, strengthening and easy to digest) and of course dressed with Cilantro Miso Vinaigrette (on the blog).

P.S. The bowl and plate my soup is in was given to me by my sweet grandma Little Polly. Still miss her terribly.