I love curry, love. My husband…not so much (talking about the curry). So sometimes I’ll treat myself to lunch and have curry by myself. Recently I was watching Giada DeLaurentiis on the Food Network and she was making Thai food for her husband and Vegetable Curry was on the menu. I thought awesome, if Giada whom is a Italian girl/chef can make curry for her husband maybe this Italian cosmo hippie chef (me) may have found a curry recipe to make for my husband. So it goes that a couple days ahead of time I’m prepping Billy that I want him to have a open mind, all the other things that I have made him that he thought he wouldn’t like he ended up liking, go figure. So it was the opening day for Farmer’s Market. It was cold and rainy and perfect for something warm like curry. I made the curry and was so excited, and guess what? Billy liked the it, but for me not so much. What happened you ask? I’m not really sure, but if you’ve had curry you know a good curry. This was a great easy recipe and it got my husband to have an open mind to curry. When ever I made something awesome my husband will say “babe this is so good, what did you put in this?” and my reply is always “I put my finger in it!”, so maybe I forgot to stick my finger in it. Next time.
Lesson: When your new to cooking or an old pro sometimes you make a dish and it just doesn’t turn out. If I make a dish that doesn’t turn out, I’m bummed. But that’s the motivation to try again. So don’t give up and keep trying those recipes, practice makes us better.