So after watching Food Inc. I wanted to blog about it but I try really hard on my blog to have the food be fun, light, healthy, creative and responsible. I make my food choices on what feels good for me and my family. I have mentioned before that I went vegan to combat some serious heath issues that I had been dealing with, in a million years wouldn’t have guessed that my journey would go in that direction. But I have to say that even though that was such an emotional time it was one of the best things I had ever been through, and even though I’m not a strict vegan today it still have alot of vegan recipes that I make and seek out. People ask me all the time what we eat. The answer: We primarily eat a plant based diet, this also includes eggs (which are local), cheese (again, local) and wild fish on occasion. This is what feels responsible to us and the environment around us. And yes on occasion we may eat meat, but we are very particular about where we get that meat. The cool thing is that local ranchers sell there humanly raised meat at our farmers market as well as some of the speciality markets around town, also local restaurants are getting on board with this movement. My food philosophy is simple, I’m a foodie first (this means it must be good) but it must also be the best, healthiest ingredients possible.

Recently my husband read this great article in the news paper about eating meat, it was written by a local girl who went to the U of U, is a Mormon (Latter Day Saint, in case you don’t know what a Mormon is) an environmentalist and a vegetarian. I too thought it was an interesting article, you be the judge. and search Leslie Conder, ‘Law of Health’ says eat meat sparingly or not at all