It starting to really heat up in the city of salt and it’s got me thinking about what we’re all eating. In yoga this week my teacher (Scott) is having us do a practice that is cooling to our bodies instead of the crazy sweaty routine we usually do, (which I’m kind of thank full for, but don’t tell him!). The point of this is to not over heat on the inside when it scorching on the outside. There’s a reason we crave soup in the winter and salads in the summer. Our bodies are telling us what they need temperature wise. I know for me I crave spicy food all the time, I love spicy food but in the summer it makes me feel sick because I’ve raised the internal temp too much do to the temp outside. Why do you think cold watermelon tastes so fresh, and COOLING in the summer?, Well for one thing it’s high in water so it does cool us down as well as refresh us. If we can all start to think about food in the way of what our bodies need do to what season we are in, it will save us some money in the pocket book as well as feeding our bodies what it needs at that time. In addition when we eat what is in season we are getting the most out of those fruits and veggies on a nutritional level. So what’s great about the Farmer’s Market is that the guess work of knowing what is in season is done for you. I will kind of have an idea of what I want to make for the week before I go to the market, but there are plenty of times I will make something based off what I find that week. For the money saving part when you buy fruits and veggies out off season you are paying for the travel it took to get to you, also food shipped into the country from another country has to go through it’s own type of food quarantine. So the longer it takes to get to you that is precious time to produce, as soon as it is cut from it’s source it starts to loose it’s vital nutrients. So again the farmers market offerings are as fresh, local and delicious as you can get! On a little side note it forces me to try new things our bodies want and NEED a variety of fresh organic colorful food, so I encourage you to try something you’ve never tried who knows you might find something awesome.  This happened to me this week, I was buying some mushrooms and the guy selling them had some ‘sea greens’ I had seen them the week before and was to shy to ask about them (I know me shy?, there’s an oxymoron!) so this week I asked he let me try and I bought some and used them in the veggie stir fry I made for lunches this week. There crunchy and slightly salty like the sea!  So go on eat something COOL and buy it from a HOT farmer. 🙂

* Sea Vegetables: Offer the the broadest range of minerals of ANY food, containing virtually all the minerals found in the ocean- the same minerals that are found in human blood. They are a n excellent source of calcium, iodine and sodium, a very good source of folic acid and magnesium, iron, potassium, riboflavin. In addition sea veggies contain plant compounds with cancer protective properties which can help the body’s inflammatory response.