I can’t believe what a slacker I am! I have the best intentions of keeping my blog updated, but you know life happens. I have been cooking up healthy comforting fresh food just no time to write about it. So last weekend was the 4 of July holiday and we started our day at the farmers market (of coarse) and it was really mellow this weekend which I enjoyed, I’m not big on crowds. I think a lot of people were out of town. This week I went with a list because I get side tracked easily and I wanted to make sure I got what I was after. I got some beautiful baby shitake mushrooms, some balsamic vinegar, goat cheese, green beans, fresh garlic, Oh an this cashew cream from the Sunbridge growers. Holy crap I could eat that stuff with a spoon, it’s made from cashews (obviously)! and who knows what else, it was great over berries and they also have homemade sprouted crackers that made a great spoon for shoveling that yummy goodness in my mouth! Even though I sometimes dislike getting up early to beat the crowds when I come home with all those goodies it’s well worth it. Also I was asked to clarify something, in a previous blog I said ‘ if your anything like my husband you’ll run to you local farmers market’. My sweet husband actually runs from our house to the market which is about 10 miles, and every week Little Polly (my grandma) things he’s crazy and should get his head examined. So here’s some new pictures of this week finds. Enjoy