Well here I go into the information highway, I can’t believe it. It’s Sunday afternoon, me, the hubby and our fat spoiled cats are hanging in our green room. It’s the space in the house where we come to read, meditate, or if your the cats leave you cat hair all over the furniture. We just got through having veggie bagel sandwiches and yerba latte’s for lunch…yum! Yesterday was the opening of our local farmers market, I almost cried when we walked in because I was sooo excited. I was focused on getting fresh ingredients for my famous vegetarian tortilla soup that I had to make for a family get together, it was a hit. I can’t wait to go again next weekend. I got fresh garlic, spinach, swiss chard, onion’s, and carrots all of which went into the soup. Oh, we picked up some gorgeous flowers, and a clock made of bicycle parts that my friend Lizzy’s husband made for her jewelry booth. She’s the one who gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get this blog going, thanx Lizzy (Elizabeth Terry Jewelry) she’ll kill me for the shout out! Oh and one other thing I picked up the cutest vintage tee shirt from these fun girls, White Elephant is there company and I’ll keep you posted on them they had some great stuff . Tomorrow is Monday housewife day, we’ll get into that later.