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Aristocratic Apples serves 6

recipe adapted from Nourishing Traditions

8 large tart apples (I used HoneyCrisp from S&R Fruits in Alpine, Ut)

1 c. dried tart cherries (Farmers Market), soak in warm water

1/2 tsp. saffron (I found some last year at the Farmers Market, ask around you might have a friend who grows it) dissolve in 2 T. water

6 T. butter (local, I found at Liberty Heights Fresh)

6 T. local honey (I use Clifford Farms)

1 t. real salt (local)



1. Peel, quarter and seed the apples. Heat the butter in a heavy saucepan. Cut the apples into smaller chunks, place them in the melted butter. Cook gently until the excess water is evaporated.

2. Drain cherries and add them to the pan along with the with remaining ingredients. Cook, stirring until mixture is the consistency of a thick applesauce. *I left mine a little chunkier, but cooked it until the sauce was thick and caramel like.

To Serve: I will be serving ours over Drake Family Farms Goat Yogurt and walnuts I found at the farmers market.


Saffron- Disease prevention, detoxification, anti-depressant, digestive properties, cell formation and repair, heart disease and blood pressure and optimum health. It also helps soothe coughs and relieves colds.


I know what your first thought is, saffron? I know, I know, local? Yes, I was able to score some at the farmers market last year, we even bought some for my mother-in-law for her favorite paella recipe she makes during the holidays. Check around, you might have a friend who is growing some in their garden. I have two friends who grow it, Andrew Stone of LifeLong Learning and Carly Gillespie of Wasatch Community Gardens. This is the perfect recipe for breakfast during the Eat Local Challenge week, I can’t wait for breakfast! ENJOY!